1. All emergencies that occur during normal business hours should be immediately called into the receptionist.  Should the emergency require the evacuation of the office, the receptionist, in consultation with the FAC emergency team, will page the entire FAC staff to evacuate the offices and then call 911 if there is time.
  2. Upon hearing of the evacuation announcement, all office marshals will commence the process of searching the bathrooms and notifying staff to vacate.
  3. Once outside, the FAC emergency team will make sure that appropriate actions are taken to ensure the safety of staff. 
  4. A member of the emergency team will notify the police or firemen if no one has already done so.
  5. A consensus of the FAC emergency team will decide whether the office should remain open or closed and communicate that to all staff.
  6. At satellite sites, the designated office marshal should initiate the decision to evacuate based on first hand knowledge of the emergency.


Categorization of time off:


If the office is closed and you decide to work, compensatory leave is earned.


If the office is open, and NYC schools are closed, you may take unannounced vacation time, personal, or compensatory leave.

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