FAC Emergency Office Closure Plan

Adopted November 2001


This plan was created to assist you in the event of an emergency situation that requires the possible evacuation or closing of FAC offices. 


First Steps

  1. Four staff members comprise a team called the FAC emergency team (Michelle, Carlos, Angel and Roy).  They will have a roster of telephone and emergency numbers for all FAC staff. Angel is the team leader, Carlos is the deputy team leader, followed by Michelle and Roy. Aaron shall serve in an ex-officio role.

  2. The team members will also be provided with details on how to change the main phone message to an appropriate message. Carlos is the point person for this function.

  3. Office marshals will be appointed throughout all FAC offices to help carry out emergency procedures if needed. Carlos will deputize people interested in serving in this capacity.


Notification of emergency outside normal business hours

The emergency team will come to a consensus on the imminent emergency. If the event is deemed sufficient to close the office, each person from the FAC emergency team will notify staff next in line on the phone tree via telephone that the office will be closed.  Then, those staff people last contacted will contact the next people on the phone tree, and so on and so forth, until all people are contacted. If you are not able to speak live with the person you are supposed to call, please call the next person.


Notification of emergency during normal business hours

Should an emergency, including, but not limited to fire, flood, power loss, a major building problem, or an environmental event endangering health, occur during normal business hours, a member of the FAC emergency team will notify the appropriate personnel (e.g. supers, police, fire department) to handle the problem or to begin the evacuation procedure outlined below.


If a member of the FAC emergency team cannot be located in a timely manner, a common sense approach to the emergency at hand is encouraged.


Other disaster procedures

The director of finance and information technology is responsible for the backup of all computer data on a daily basis. The latest weekly tape is kept at all times at his/her house.


All original documents of importance such as deeds to properties, regulatory agreements, mortgages, latest tax returns, certificate of incorporation, 501 (c)(3) determination letter, by-laws, insurance policies, stock certificates for investments, and other irreplaceable documents should be scanned into the computer and saved into a directory on our server so they can be periodically backed up like the rest of our computer files.


The leader of the Emergency Team will work with the director of property and asset management and the senior property manager to address any emergencies should they arise at any of the FAC managed buildings.


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