A message from the Admin Unit



Here are a few things you need to know/do to help you get started:


Here is a list of FAC staff outlining the department they are in and their internal extensions.


There are several forms you will need to fill out and submit to the office manager. 

These forms include:

Employee Information Form

W-4 Form

U.S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization Proof of Identity Form

Aetna U.S. Healthcare Enrollment Form

Delta Dental Enrollment Form

Met Life Insurance form

MetLife 403(b) Retirement Plan form (note that this is optional)

Voided Check for Direct Deposit

Please review the Personnel Manual which is attached.  It can answer your questions about vacation days, holidays, probationary period, raises, performance evaluations, etc.


For desk supplies you can see the Administrative Assistant.  They can also get you any supplies that you will require.


To set-up a voicemail account please see the Office Manager. You will be assigned an extension and you will need to choose a password to access your voicemail. You will be provided instructions for operating the phone and your voicemail.


If you have a computer;


You will have access to the F drive, which is the drive for our “local area network”. You will be able to use the following programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.  You will also be able to use FAC’s computerized “rolodex”. When creating new word processing, spreadsheet, or database files, please try to save them in the appropriate program folders or subfolders (i.e. Housing, Organizing, Economic Development, Administration, etc.).  You can see me if you have any problems.


You should have an e-mail account set up for both internal and external purposes (see the Director of Admin/IT for arrangements if you are not already set up).  You also have access to the Internet. Please refer to the personnel manual for issues related to e-mail and internet use.


Each staff member has a mailbox located at the Main Office, 141 Fifth on the first floor for receipt of internal and external mail.  You should check your mailbox daily, and you can leave items for other staff members in their mailbox.


To mail things externally, there is a postage meter and an “Outgoing Mail” box on the ledge above the front desk.  (Ask the receptionist how to use the postage meter) Large envelopes/items to be mailed have to be weighed first in order to determine the appropriate amount of postage.


If you need to send out a large mailing (50 pieces or more) you need to let the receptionist know at least a week in advance to make sure that there will be sufficient postage in the meter for your mailing. 


Note that the first Wednesday of the month staff meetings are held in the afternoon. (Lunch is also provided!)


Please place all recyclable paper (any kind or color that is not soiled or plasticized) in the blue recycling bin at your desk.  Centralized areas throughout all of FAC facilities have been assigned to dispose of your garbage and all recyclable materials (metal, aluminum foil).


There are several places to buy lunch in the area—be sure to ask around at FAC!


If there is anything else you need, please feel free to see Dalia or me.



Once again, Welcome!


Administrative Unit

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