Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities

(Passed 6/27/95)


FAC Mission & Goals

The Fifth Avenue Committee aims to preserve and strengthen the economic and racial diversity of our community and to insure that all residents benefit form the area’s development.  We aim to be a vehicle through which neighborhood residents come together to shape the future of our community.  Current programs include developing and managing affordable housing, enabling resident cooperative & mutual housing ownership, tenant & community organizing, and community economic development.


Board of Directors

The community-based, volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for setting policies and goals, developing strategic plans, and reviewing and approving programs, personnel, and fiscal operations.  The Board is actively involved in working with other members of the community to insure that FAC functions as a vehicle through which residents come together to shape the future of the community.


Responsibilities of Board members

1.      Board meetings:  Attend quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors.  Each Board member must attend at least three (3) of these Board meetings.

2.      Committees:  Serve on at least one FAC Committee, or arrange an equivalent contribution of time in another area of FAC’s work (e.g. helping to plan and coordinate a specific event, host a FAC house party, etc.).  Committees generally meeting 4-6 times per year.  Serving on committees may involve taking responsibilities between meetings; such responsibilities have not usually been heavy.

3.      Fundraising:  Make a financial contribution which is meaningful for the specific individual, and help with overall FAC fundraising (personalizing letters, etc.).

4.      FAC Events:  Attend FAC events (organizing/accountability sessions, FACstravaganza and FAC picnic, etc.).

5.      Emissary:  Work as an “emissary” of FAC — talking about the work FAC does; encouraging neighbors and community residents to get involve in FAC committees, programs, and events; etc. — in one’s building, block and larger community.